Through nearly two weeks of the NFL season, can we just acknowledge how good the prime time games have been so far? The Cowboys/Bucs season opener, the Giants/Football Team Thursday nighter, the Rams showcasing Matthews Stafford on the first Sunday Night Football, and the Raiders shocking the Ravens on the next day.

With the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens set to duke it out on Sunday Night of Week 2, there was a lot of expectations heading into the game. And wow… did the Sunday nighter ever live up to the hype.

Kansas City led for most of the game, but in the final few minutes the Ravens grabbed the lead. After the Chiefs managed to stop the Ravens three times within the two-miunte warning, using all their timeouts in the process, the Ravens were faced with a huge decision.


Option 1: Punt the ball with one minute to go, and possibly allow Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to run down the field and kick a game-winning field goal.

Option 2: Go for it on 4th-and-1, and pray that you can pick up the game-sealing yardage.


With all eyes on Ravens coach John Harbaugh as the call was being made, Harbaugh appeared to get the attention of his quarterback to ask his opinion.



“LAMAR! Do you want to go for this?”

Sure enough, the Ravens offence stayed on the field. One quick snap later and Lamar burst through the line and secured the W for Baltimore. After a gut-wrenching loss to the Raiders in Week 1, you know that Baltimore wanted this one extra bad.

After the game, Lamar was asked about the moment. He confirmed that Harbaugh had in fact asked him, and that his answer was an emphatic “hell yeah.”



Harbaugh also discussed the moment, and he explained that he was likely going for it no matter what. He just wanted Lamar to respond the way that he knew Lamar would respond.



Gotta love when you see this kind of trust between and coach and player.

(H/T Baltimore Ravens)