The last few days have been quite the whirlwind for John Tavares. From getting plastic snakes and his own jerseys thrown him in Long Island to Leafs fans rallying with the #TavaresDayTO hashtag on Twitter to his own team announcing him last during player introductions for a massive ovation, it’s been a doozy.

After the Leafs rebounded from their loss to the Islanders with a win against the Sabres on Saturday, Tavares expressed gratitude to the fans, while his teammates offered their own support to Tavares.



#JohnTavares gave thanks for the support he felt from #MapleLeafs fans 👏

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With so much love in the crowd for Tavares tonight, it was obviously a meaningful one after his last time out. The love and the hate are both just a part of the game, but it’s certainly always nice to know that somebody out there has your back.