Saturday night, Auston Matthews made his return home to Arizona, but it wasn't a successful homecoming as the Coyotes played spoiler with a 2-0 victory.

There weren't many good things that came out of the loss for the Leafs, but one of the few good things that did come out of the loss went viral.  During the game, a puck was shot at the Leafs' bench with some force and while everyone moved to dodge the puck, John Tavares did not move a muscle.

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Apparently pucks coming out of nowhere don't phase JT and on Monday, he and his teammates had some laughs talking about that moment, as per Mark Masters:

John Tavares 
“Yeah, I got a few texts from family and friends yesterday and I guess I was just pretty confident it wasn’t going to hit me. So, just thankful for that and probably was in deep thought just about the game.”

Auston Matthews 
“I don’t know he was pretty deep in thought or something. He was thinking about something and it didn’t faze, I guess. Our whole bench and even coaches flinched and he was just in deep thought, thinking about, I don’t know what, but thank God it didn’t hit him and didn’t hit anybody, because that puck came off pretty hot.”

The reaction was epic and the internet had a lot of fun with the screenshot, as evidenced by these jokes:

(H/T: Mark Masters)