John Tortorella is a fantastic hockey coach, there’s no denying that. While he commands respect across the league, it’s certainly not through an attempt to be particularly likable. He will speak his mind, and he doesn’t care how you feel about it.

It’s actually kind of refreshing. He’s no nonsense, and he simply expects you to do your job to the best of your ability. In terms of the Pierre-Luc Dubois and his apparent desire to skip town, Torts unsurprisingly has some opinions on the matter. He spoke with the Rothman & Ice show on 97.1 The Fan.

It almost sounds like Torts is holding back a bit, doesn’t it? Either way, that’s a prickly side of Tortorella that we hope to never experience first hand.

It’s unclear how this will affect PLD as the season progresses, but it’s hard to imagine this relationship being salvaged.

(H/T 97.1 The Fan)