On Tuesday, we learnt of the news that Hyun-Jin Ryu would be undergoing elbow surgery and that he would be done for the remainder of the season.

Whether it's a matter of Tommy John surgery or a partial repair of the ulnar collateral ligament, neither confirmed, Ryu’s season is indefinitely over.

Joining the Blue Jays in 2019 during the off-season, the Korean lefty was a major signing that not only brought hopefulness, but it kick-started an era. Ryu’s 4-year, $80-million contract brought on a desperately needed Ace to the Jays' pitching rotation, helping the organization see its first taste of the postseason since 2016.

His first season with the Blue Jays was the COVID-shortened year in which Ryu started 12 games with a 2.69 and was a finalist for the Cy Young award.

In his 29 total starts for The Jays, they have gone 32-17.

Ryu’s signing in Toronto not only brought a postseason to the Jays organization, but it highlighted a turning point where the Blue Jays were marketable to big names throughout the league.

Signing George Springer and trading for stars like Jose Berrios, Kevin Gausman and Matt Chapman (the list goes on), would have not been as easy if it weren’t for the Ryu signing.

So has Ryu thrown his last game for the Blue Jays?

As his future in Toronto isn’t absolute, it’s expected that the Ace will spend at least a major part of next season rehabbing, in the best case, a late-season return.

Though it’s unfortunate how things have recently played out, it’s undeniable that Ryu’s dedication to the Blue Jays was worth every penny.