It starting to seem like the Astros cheating scandal is never going to end.

First, there was the sign-stealing. Then, the story took another interesting turn when it was brought to everyone’s attention that Jose Altuve may have been wearing a buzzer to assist him at the plate, and was the reason why he instructed his teammates to not remove his jersey after hitting the walk-off homer to send Houston to the World Series. Altuve’s agent insisted he left his jersey on as a result of shyness but now, according to teammate Carlos Correa, it was because of an “unfinished tattoo” that looked “terrible”. Reporters were in the clubhouse on Monday and confirmed that Altuve was walking around exposing… a tattoo.


Yeah… fans weren’t buying the whole thing…


So… it’s either Altuve did in fact have a tattoo that he was embarrassed about or he managed to find a tattoo artist over the weekend. Regardless, we’re sure at least one reporter is going to attempt to get to the bottom of this. The team was heavily criticized on Twitter for their ‘apology’ during a press conference last Thursday.


It just won't end.

 (H/T For The Win)