If you frequent Twitter, there's a strong chance you would've come across the bizarre series of tweets Jose Canseco has blessed his followers with recently.

The former MLB slugger, who's notoriously known for helping expose steroid use in baseball, is still all about seeking truth and reason in 2019, and his latest tweets align with those principles. 

Just dial up that number and you can join the 53-year-old for a hike through the desert where you can spend a day with him and his "alien buddies."

Canseco lives in Vegas, which has been known to be a popular spot for those obsessed with extraterrestrial activity. Has Jose been hanging around in Area 51?

But wait, there's more! He's also discovered how to tack on some extra years to your existence!

He hit 462 dingers over his career, but the Canseco's most impressive home run will go down as the man who discovered and then was able to interact with aliens.