Unfortunately, NHL teams won’t have alternate jerseys this season, so we’ll have to make do with what we can get.

For example, Josh Ho-Sang has decided to bring back our favourite Islanders logo in the form of a basketball jersey/sleeveless pinny. It’s awesome to see one the Islanders players rock the logo that so many people are fans of, because it’s one step closer to the team actually doing some kind of throwback to the jersey.

Now, we need to know where to get one of these.


Rocking the past, dreaming of the future

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Ho-Sang has been getting decked out in custom gear the past couple of days, as we also saw him upload a picture of these skates that he will be wearing this preseason.

We’ve also seen him rock some other custom tees in the past and at this point we just need Ho-Sang to start his own clothing line of hockey-related gear. Even if you look through the comments on his fisherman post, you’ll see he would have a lot of customers already.