We're all missing hockey right now but you know what? The BarDown team has got you covered.

That's right people. We've been discussing some of the hottest topics from the game every night (minus weekends) over the past two weeks LIVE on our Instagram story and on Tuesday, we took thinks a step further. Nazem Kadri, Jordan Binnington and Marcus Foligno each joined Corwin and Jesse to discuss everyone's favourite part of hockey culture...


The fellas gave their takes on mullets and walked us through their routines and to our surprise, they were generous enough to share the secret product NHLers use to keep their hair intact so well, especially for when they're in warmies with no bucky.

Did anyone have a bloody clue that players apply VASELINE to their hair? Apparently gel these days just doesn't cut it.


Whoa. Think most of us pull the Foligno and just dunk the loaf in a sink but hey, to each their own. Can we also acknowledge that handlebar on Naz? That thing is getting out of hand. And let's not forget about Binner's visor flow either...

The NHL talent isn't stopping there either. We're expected to be joined by some more of your favourite players, but we'll keep those a surprise... for now. We've already addressed some of hockey's other best topics including chirps and NHL video games. We're just getting started!


If you happen to have some Vaseline in the house, try putting a bit in your hair... AFTER you stick in on your lips.