Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne’s reunion tour came to an end last night as they were officially inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and it was only fitting that they did it together.

So much of their career has been tied to one another, and they’re not hesitant to giving each other credit for how successful their careers ended up becoming. Both players made sure to give a chunk of their speech time to each other, thanking one another in a way that fit their relationship perfectly.

Selanne, as always was the joke of the two, thanking for Kariya for everything he taught him, while commenting on how he was able to teach Kariya to be less weird. Kariya on the other hand was straight to the point, needing only a few words to help people understand how important they have been in each other’s lives.



Teemu #Selanne and Paul #Kariya made sure to reserve special parts of their HOF speeches for each other.

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(Click here to watch Selanne’s full speech or here to watch Kariya’s)

It remains to be seen whether or not Kariya plans to become more involved in the hockey world beyond this moment, he kind of left that up the NHL is his feature with Michael Farber. Still, it was an excellent way to close out a weekend that brought many back in time to when Selanne and Kariya were one of the most popular duos in the entire game of hockey.

They were even able to get on the scoresheet one last time.