New Jersey native and noted Philadelphia Eagles fan Karl-Anthony Towns honoured the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles by sporting a custom pair of kicks when the T-Wolves squared off for the first time since the Eagles big win.

The shoe company โ€˜Kickstadomis,โ€™ who customizes shoes for NBA players out of Los Angeles, put together the custom kicks.

The T-Wolves big has featured a variety of different cleats in the past, ranging from Dragon Ball Z, to Halloween shoes and Jason Vorhees painted on his kicks for Friday, the 13th. Heโ€™ll even wear a custom Rick and Morty shoe soon as well.


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Towns took in the game from Minnesota and was spotted wearing a โ€œFree Meek Millโ€ jersey with the No. 4, and did some reporting for the Playerโ€™s Tribune.

(h/t For the Win)