It seems like an era ago that Kawhi Leonard first sat down at the podium in his red Raptors jersey, sheepishly looking out over a sea of media anxious to get the first word with him.

It kicked off with one of the most iconic moments in Kawhi Leonard’s tenure so far, the laugh heard around the world. Throughout the following months, the laugh would resurface in all kinds of content. As Kawhi became more and more comfortable as a Raptor, he began to embrace the city in the same way it embraced him.

It began with a laugh, and the storybook season ended with a laugh. An epic, unexpected, uproarious laugh that had everyone go nuts.



Absolutely perfect end to a nearly perfect season for the Raps. Drake came out and had a word with the crowd as well, but it’s hard to follow up a Fun Guy being more fun than ever.

Sidenote: This is the same day he wore a Board Man Gets Paid shirt, put up a finger to β€œOne More Year” chants, and accepted a plant from Plant Guy. Kawhi is fully immersed in the city, the country, and the Toronto Raptors Championship team.




Kawhi wearing a Board Man Gets Paid shirt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . (via @complexsports)

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