The big storyline in the NBA on Thursday night was a couple of revenge games from two of the league’s stars. DeMar DeRozan and Kawhi Leonard.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last half-year or so, the two superstars got traded in a very controversial deal. Thursday marked the first match in which the two would play their former teams in what had potential to be a barn-burner.

Instead, it was a blow out with DeMar DeRozan – while scoring his first career triple double – led the Spurs to a 125-107 victory over his former team. During the game, Kawhi got booed by the Spurs faithful nearly every time he touched the ball, including during a thank you video the Spurs displayed to both him and Danny Green.

According to the broadcast, Green watched the video shown on the scoreboard with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, Kawhi didn’t even glance at it. When asked about his decision to not watch it, he gave the most Kawhi response to the reporter.




Kawhi keeping it 💯

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Kawhi doesn’t want any trouble. His ultra-chill demeanor isn’t going to get ruffled by the former team he left. He’s also not going to get into a war of words. He just simply wants to play basketball.

Can you think of a more Kawhi response? Here’s the video: