Itโ€™s only December 11, but it definitely felt like playoff game down at Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday night with Kawhi Leonard back in town for the first time since he joined the Los Angeles Clippers.

With the two-time NBA champion making his return, Raptors fans made sure to show up early to welcome him back with open arms and it got extremely loud once he was introduced to the crowd.

There wasnโ€™t a body in their seat as Kawhi Leonard made his way onto the court to finally receive his championship ring and he reminded us all that heโ€™s still a fun guy as he pretended to cry during the handoff from Kyle Lowry.

Of course, during his video tribute he stood and watched and had the most Kawhi Leonard-like reaction the entire time.

He might be the opponent now, but Raptors fans are always going to be happy when they see Kawhi Leonard back in town.