Toronto Raptors fans have no idea if Kawhi Leonard is sticking around after this season, but they’ve got to at least appreciate the effort he’s given them so far through his 49 appearances. Not only is the 27-year-old averaging career-highs in points, assists and rebounds per game, but he’s also playing the most minutes per game of his career at 34.3 minutes per game.

Aside from wondering whether or not Leonard’s time in Toronto would be a one-year thing, Raptors fans couldn’t help but wonder just how healthy Leonard was going to be this season. Well, the team’s medical staff has done a pretty good job keeping him healthy and on track and the 2014 NBA Finals MVP showed them some love on Wednesday afternoon.

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Considering Leonard isn’t exactly known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve, this is definitely a positive sign for Raptors fans and something they’d love to hear right about now with how well the team has played this season.

Obviously Leonard’s comments had nothing to do with his plans for next season, but the fact that he’s happy with the Raptors’ medical staff and how they’ve handled everything up until now is a good sign considering how shaky his relationship was with the Spurs’ medical staff when he left San Antonio.

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