Throughout these playoffs, the Drake Curse has been a topic that keeps coming up — even Drake can’t help but to acknowledge it. This is sports! Of course we’re going to talk about the voodoo at work when teams mysteriously lose immediately after Drake reps their gear.

Even Drake’s buddy, Kevin Hart, is ragging on him for the curse. After the critical Game 7 that the Raptors took to advance past the 76ers in the second round — highlighted by Kawhi’s iconic game-winner at the buzzer — Drake revealed that he was rocking Sixers shorts at the time, which fans took as a “reverse curse” of sorts.

These sports superstitions are all too real for Hart, who reveals that he stopped attending 76ers games after being present for their season-ending loss to the Celtics in last year’s playoffs. He’s definitely no fan of this Drake Curse business.


If the talk of a curse associated with his name bothered Drake at first, it’s clear that he’s leaning into it now. Fans think that he’s trying to curse the Bucks next, after this photo op with Gucci Mane.



Drake and Gucci Mane after the #Raptors’ Game 3 double-OT win 👀. . (📸: @laflare1017)

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