Gimmick jerseys are nothing new to us, but over in the KHL, HC Sibir has come up with a genuinely inventive concept to show love for its fans.

They may only be wearing these for the preseason, but Sibir will be taking to the ice in these jerseys that feature photos of fans as part of the design. We’ve never seen this before, and honestly, we like it a lot!

A lot of times, outside-the-box ideas like these will end up coming off as kind of corny, and we understand why Sibir is hesitant to wear these beyond preseason. Seriously, though, these are so well-executed and fresh enough to wear as alternates even when the games matter!

When they’re done right, wacky jerseys can crush. The Reds caused a minor tizzy by bringing back their short-lived sleeveless jersey from the 50s, but if you ask us, these are fire. An instant collector’s item.



Quick pre-game lift for the #Reds 😅💪 • (📸: @mlb)

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