The KHL is a very interesting league to follow.

From insane goals, to weird practice rituals, and awesome all-star game dances, the KHL never ceases to disappoint.

After all, 13 of the 25 players selected for Team Canada’s Olympic roster currently play in the Kontinental Hockey League.


#TeamCanada has announced their roster for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics 🇨🇦

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Teammates duking it out in practice is one common thing we see in North America with NHL players. Usually, hockey fights take place out on the ice and really no where else, but thanks to Russian journalist Aivis Kalnins, we have footage of two Avangard Omsk’s colleagues going at it at a celebratory dinner away from the arena.

According to Kalnins, Andrei Stas and Mikhail Fisenko engaged in a fight that turned into a bloodbath. Stas took such a beating that he needed to be attended to and was covered in blood.

Yikes, there's even kids and women witnessing it all.

While there isn’t much information or context providing more details about the scrap, you’d have to assume that whatever they were fighting over was pretty serious considering it was at a restaurant.

Never a dull day in the KHL.

(h/t Aivis Kalnins)