The best (or worst) part about kids is that they are constantly brutally honest. Especially when it’s about other people!

If you ever need a pure opinion on something you can always count on someone under the age of 10 to give it to you straight - whether you’d like to hear it or not. 

Despite the Leafs winning Game 4 over the Florida Panthers on Wednesday, they’re managed to put themselves in a pretty deep hole in the series. Yes, they avoided being swept but they still need to win three straight games to make it to the Conference Finals. 

Everyone has different opinions on the Leafs struggles thus far, but who better to ask than a bunch of Leafs fans that don’t have a lifelong bias? 

Rolph Road Public School in Toronto, Ontario held a Leafs pep rally ahead of of Toronto's second round game 4 match so Jesse and Eric went to go check it out! The guys interviewed some of the Leafs’ youngest fans and got some pretty great answers out of it. 

Reason number 2351490 why kids are the best. 

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