Kobe Bryant was definitely a league-altering player. Not only was his jump shot possibly the most dangerous of all-time, but he also commanded a certain respect, while talking a ton of trash.

According to Jusuf Nurkic, this trash talk wasn’t always in English either. So what language was Kobe speaking? Depends on the player.

Nurkic, a big man for the Portland Trail Blazers, visited ESPN and explained a funny story of playing against Kobe. Apparently while Bryant was taking some free throws, he turned and muttered something to Nurkic. Here is the actual quote:

“He actually says a word in my language and I was like, ‘I didn’t hear right, he can’t speak my language, right?’ So we go back and forth, and he goes again to free throws and he repeats that. It was curse word, but it’s like … I’m pretty sure he said that. Then I was, you know, after a couple years in the league, he was, like, preparing himself when he plays against some teams, he will try to learn a little bit about every player he’ll play.”

It can be found around 7:48 into this video:



That is dedication to the trash-talk. Who is actually crazy enough to learn other languages just to get into their opponent’s head?!

Honestly, though… it sounds like it worked. Nurkic, who grew up idolizing Kobe, was obviously pretty baffled. Whatever works, right?

(H/T Barstool Sports)