There was a brief moment during Friday night’s game that Toronto Raptors fans held their breath as Kyle Lowry limped off the court and went back to the locker room.

However, within minutes Lowry was back on the bench supporting his teammates and shortly after he was back in the game doing his thing.

With the Raptors leading by 18 halfway through the second quarter, Lowry took his chance at a deep three-pointer in hopes of drawing a foul and heading to the line. There ended up being no foul call on the play, but his shot was pure money.



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It looked like Lowry was attempting a soccer throw in instead of a three-pointer in the NBA, but it doesn’t matter what his form looked like because he hit the shot and that’s all that matters.

Lowry finished the night with 11 points. 8 assists and three rebounds as the Raptors crushed the Wizards, 140-111, tying the franchise record for most points scored in a game.​