Kyle Lowry has chosen to continue to play his basketball at "home," signing a 3-year, $100 million deal with the Toronto Raptors.

The window for NBA free agency opened on Saturday, and while a number of key signings and re-signings were announced league-wide, everything remained quiet on Lowry's front. With the Sixers drafting Markelle Fultz, the Minnesota Timberwolves signing Jeff Teague, and the Spurs choosing to bring back Patty Mills, it was beginning to seem more and more likely that Lowry would remain a Raptor. Sunday, Lowry confirmed that, penning a touching open letter to the Raptors fanbase in the Players Tribune titled "Home," detailing why he chose to stay in the Great White North.

So I kind of see this summer, then, as … it’s almost like coming full circle. We ended our season this past year with some disappointment. And that’s a couple of years, now, where — as exciting as it’s been around here — I don’t think we’ve reached our true potential. And you’d hear the whispers, you know, those same experts that were telling us to blow this up in 2013, there they are again with that same talk in 2017. 

But the difference between then and now, and what I’m thankful for, is that this time the ball was much more in my court. I was a free agent. Which meant that it was up to me to decide whether this thing we have — is it worth sticking around for, and running it back again, and seeing if we can take that next step? 

And like I said — to me, that was an easy decision.  The answer is yes.

It's quite clear that Lowry still believes in the Raptors, and still has love for the fanbase across Canada, but how does that fanbase/the media feel about the point guard's decision to stay in Toronto?

Yes, Lowry's signing was overshadowed a little bit by Patrick Marleau's signing, but there were still plenty of people reacting to the point guard's signing online. So how do basketball fans feel about the Raptors signing Lowry?

Mixed opinions for sure, but one thing is clear: the Toronto Raptors will most definitely be near the top of the Eastern Conference next season with both of their star guards in place. We are certainly excited to see K-Low return, and honestly, how could you not be after reading his fantastic letter to the fans.