We all know that Patrik Laine has one of the most electric shots in the whole world, and when he lines up for a one-timer from his classic position atop the left slot… well, if you’re a goalie hopefully you brought a backup pair of slacks.

Laine is more than just a shooter, though. On Sunday, Laine was captured by cameras showing off some elite puck handling skills. Directly after dipsy-doodling the Nikolaj Ehlers flip pass, Laine then went and defeated a young fan in a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Luckily for the youngster, Laine isn’t a sore winner and still flipped a puck over the glass for him.



Did anyone else notice how the puck flip cleared the glass by like… what… an inch? The guy knows how to handle the rubber.

(H/T NHL.com)