It's officially silly season, also known as the offseason, in the NHL and the reason we're calling it 'stilly season' is because there are some big names that are (or could be) free agents and trade rumours involving some of the biggest names in hockey.

On Thursday, however, we learned that one big name won't be traded and as per Pierre LeBrun, that big name is John Tavares.

For any teams that were interested in bringing in Tavares by way of a sign-and-trade, Lou Lamoriello has apparently made it known that there's no chance of that happening.

At this point, it seems like the Tavares saga will end in one of two ways, he signs a long term deal with the Islanders or he tests the market and leaves in free agency.

Nobody has any idea what Tavares is going to do at this point, but it's clear the Islanders are doing everything from a front office/coaching standpoint to entice JT to stay.

(H/T: Pierre LeBrun)