As a highly anticipated Stanley Cup Final nears, the hype has ramped up and the trash talking, of course, has kicked off. While many fans of the Washington Capitals are rallying around its ‘ALL CAPS’ branding and official hashtag, the City of Las Vegas found a way to turn that rally call on its head. Or, should we say, the city of las vegas.

Yes, Las Vegas is actually banning capital letters, as part of a push that they’ve decided to call #nocaps.

So if the city’s latest tweets appear to read as passive aggressive, don’t be put off. It’s all part of their backing of the Golden Knights, and yes, they really are committed to the bit, as their Twitter bio and latest tweets really are exclusively lower-case: Unfortunately, the photo of the legendary Vegas sign in lower-case appears to be Photoshop rather than real, at least judging from a quick search of social media posts out of Las Vegas recently. That’s probably the more sensible decision, all things considered -- the joke would likely fly right over the heads of so many Vegas visitors, and there’s probably a conversation that could be had about tax dollars, too -- but it sure is the less fun one. Still, the no-caps bit is going to add some flavor to Vegas’ corner of the Internet, and it appears many around the city have already joined in on the movement.

We wouldn’t be doing our job responsibly if we didn’t add that the Colombus Blue Jackets’ social media team were the first to boycott capital letters earlier in the playoffs, although of course, it isn’t quite the same without the spotlight of the Stanley Cup Final.

Anyway, the logical next step is for the Caps to lean into #ALLCAPS for the rest of the playoffs, and use their Internet yelling voice for all social media communications going forward, right? Actually, on second thought, maybe that wouldn't work out as well.

h/t Twitter/CityOfLasVegas