John Tavares’ return to his former stomping grounds in Long Island went about as poorly as could be expected, as he returned to a brutal reception from Islanders fans amid a 6-1 thrashing of his Leafs. Throughout the game, Islanders fans were throwing everything from plastic snakes to Tavares’ own jersey at the ice.

However, Leafs fans have since banded together in support of their hometown hero. From Friday to Saturday, the hashtag #TavaresDayTO began trending on Twitter, as fans took to the internet en masse to show their appreciation for John Tavares.

Even the mayor of Toronto, John Tory, got in on the well-wishing.

While Tavares may have burned some bridges in Long Island, it’s clear that the city of Toronto has taken to him. He may be in for quite the reception when he takes to the ice against the Buffalo Sabres tonight.