The trade deadline is two weeks away (February 26th) and one of the biggest names on the block is Rick Nash of the New York Rangers.

The 33-year-old submitted his 12-team approved trade list to the Rangers and as per TSN's Frank Seravalli, the Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the 12 teams on Nash's list.

Nash told the New York Post this past weekend that he included teams on his list that would give him the best chance to win a Stanley Cup and he clearly believes the Leafs are one of those teams.

Once the news broke, the hot takes started flying from Leafs fans and the reactions to the news were mixed to say the least.

Seems like most Leafs fans wouldn't want the team to trade for Nash which makes sense based on the asking price and the fact the team may need a defenceman at the moment instead of a forward.

(H/T: Frank Seravalli)