Congrats Leafs fans! Be proud..

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise but according to a recent survey conducted by JFreshHockey, that included over 6,500 people, Buds fans came in hot at number one as the most annoying fans in the NHL. The New York Rangers followed in the number two spot while the Montreal Canadians finished at number three.


Don’t worry Leafs nation, the fun didn’t stop there either. You were also voted the most delusional…


And the most prone to melting down, which is totally understandable given the team’s recent playoff success.. or lack of.


But hey… here’s one kind of redeeming result?


Okay, so we’ve established that the Leafs have the most unbearable fan base in the league (per the survey of course, but which one is kind of sliding under the radar? Apparently the fans over in Carolina can be a thorn in the tush.


As for the best fans in the league? Chalk up another W for those Colorado Avalanche.


Check out JFresh’s entire thread for every result you can think of pertaining to fan bases. Which team do you think has the most annoying fans in the league?