The Cleveland Cavaliers have gotten off to a strong start to open up the 2017/18 NBA season.

Sitting second in the Eastern Conference, the Cavs are trailing only the Boston Celtics for top spot, the team they made the offseason blockbuster trade that saw Kyrie Irving head to Beantown in a package deal that brought Isaiah Thomas to Believeland.

Thomas has yet to suit up for the Cavs this season, and we’re not really sure when he’ll be lacing them up, so far the time being, the only way you’ll see Isaiah out on the court in Cavs colours is if you’re playing NBA 2K. It’s always interesting to see how one superstar leaving a team changes the outlook of a team, but in the Cleveland’s case, Cavs fans are curious as to how best utilize their new star in the form of Thomas.

LeBron James, being the NBA 2K fan that he is, decided to tinker with the club’s virtual lineup and see what they best way to integrate him into the team is.

Even though it's just a video game, LeBron is starting to envision what the Cavs lineup might look like when Thomas hits the floor, and considering the clout LeBron possesses, LeBron could make his virtual playground into a reality.

It’s just too bad that LeBron didn’t actually reveal his mixing and matching of the Cavalier lineups. One thing for sure is that LeBron is pretty amped to see what type of difference Thomas will have on the team.

(h/t UpRoxx)