Patrick Mahomes got PAID!!!!

The annual figure of $50.3 million shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, given the inevitable cap inflation that will take place over the course of his career. The term, on the other hand, should. A 10-year contract in today's NFL is truly unheard of but when you have Andy Reid and a Super Bowl already under your belt (at just 25!), then why not just stick to what you know?

The sports world obviously had a thing or two to say about Mahomes' pay-day, with the best comment coming from the one and only LeBron James. The King took to Instagram after ESPN's Adam Schefter broke the news to ask the young QB if he could borrow... $5.



#LeBron’s response to #PatrickMahomes’ record-setting contract was too good 😂😂

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James' Net Worth is $480 million according to, so he appears to be doing just fine!!!!

Schefter reported that Mahomes deal includes a whopping $477 million in GUARENTEED mechanisms. Per Spotrac, LeBron will make nearly $100 million less than that ($387,205,847) by the time his contract expires with the Lakers in 2022.

Just to give you a bit more perspective on how much Mahomes will be making throughout his career.



Patrick Mahomes' contract extension is worth up to $503 million! 🤑

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You can't help but feel for the Broncos, Chargers and Raiders. What a nightmare for the AFC West.

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