Goosebumps at this moment from Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Saturday, which may easily have flown under the radar while you were watching the game. Kobe Bryant was definitely watching this one from above.

How about this for a freaky coincidence: With 8:24 left on the clock in the third quarter (signifying Kobe’s two jersey numbers), LeBron James scored the Lakers’ 81st point of the game (signifying Kobe’s career-high), and oh, he did this while the Lakers were wearing their special Mamba jerseys for just the fourth time in the playoffs.

This one’s for the superstitious out there. Of course, with the Lakers just two wins away from capturing this year’s NBA championship, there has been the added emotional aspect of winning this one for Kobe, which would certainly be meaningful for the franchise and for the city of Los Angeles.

With their Game 2 win against the Miami Heat, the Lakers also improved to a 4-0 record while wearing their Mamba jerseys in the playoffs, and after the game, LeBron just said he wanted to make the Bryant family proud.



LeBron and the Lakers are doing it for the Bryant family 💛💜

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