Sports parents are one of the most passionate types of people. 

Every parent who has a child in minor sports has a certain amount of pride, especially if it’s a sport they themselves play or played.

This is no different for superstar LeBron James, who now has two sons following in his footsteps and dominating their respective basketball leagues.

The family made the move to Los Angeles this summer following James’ blockbuster signing with the Lakers, and he explained that basketball has been a great way for his sons to get acclimated to the new community, and that some of his “best times” are when he gets to take in one of their games or one of his daughter’s dance recitals.

James is extra proud as of recently, though, because his sons have chosen to give their dad a nod and sport his jersey numbers.

“It was cool the other day when he came downstairs and showed me he was wearing 23, and then my other son came to me and told me he was wearing six. It’s a really good feeling”, said James.


It seems like James has all the reason to have some serious pride, as his eldest son, LeBron James Jr, also known as ‘Bronny’, went off to drop 27 points as a freshman on his junior varsity team, which included one seriously impressive dunk as his father looked on last night.


Though Bronny is only 14, it looks as though the dream in which LeBron Senior plays alongside one of his sons is one step closer to fruition, because he's obviously on the rise, and his dad doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.