If you were at The Masters over the weekend, you may have been able to spot one noted golf fan: rapper Lil Wayne, who stopped by Augusta to take in the action. He also tweeted out his support for Patrick Reed, who won his first major championship at the event, as well as some support for fifth-place finisher Rory McIlroy:

Of course, long known for his ability to deliver in quantity -- just this year, he released 35 songs over the course of a month as part of his Dedication 6 mixtape -- the rapper did not stop there. Wayne followed up with two more tweets, offering followers a glimpse under the veil of what really happens at The Masters:

If Lil Wayne wants to incorporate a video for visitors, or any other part of The Masters, into his home living, they’ll really need to bring back MTV Cribs for this. We shouldn’t even rule out the possibility that the rapper has a personal golf course set up in his lawn or something. Somebody else who probably appreciates the video on course etiquette is Rory McIlroy, who has had experiences of his own with golf fans getting just a little too rowdy at the course.

Wayne, who constantly makes references to sport in his music and actually runs a sports management agency under his Young Money label, is well-known for his avid tweets about The Masters. He has tweeted his support for golfers including Rickie Fowler and Sergio Garcia, and in 2016, gave Tom Watson a standing ovation in his living room -- which the golfer pledged to reciprocate.