The Houston Astros 2017 World Series title was forever marred following a sign-stealing investigation that revealed the team to have used technology to steal signs on upcoming pitches. It was the scandal that rocked the baseball world, with many appalled that the World Series title was not stripped away.

With 29 fan bases ready and waiting to let the Astros hear it, an unexpected hurdle appeared. COVID-19 did not allow for fans to attend games, and the ‘Stros got an abbreviated season without the boo birds there to give it to them.

Fast forward a year, and the fans are partially back. On Tuesday, we got to see the Astros visit the New York Yankees, one of the teams most affected by Houston’s cheating scandal.

The Yankees were beaten by the ‘Stros in the ALCS, and to make matters even more personal, Aaron Judge was beaten out by Jose Altuve for league MVP. When the Astros entered the doors of Yankee Stadium, we knew the fans were going to be pretty vocal about it.


While the Yankees’ faithful was able to take out some of their anger, it’s a safe bet that the Astros haven’t heard the end of it. There’s no telling when they’ll finally be able to play a game without the hate raining down.