We’ve seen videos of little Segei Ovechkin since he entered the world in 2018 but he’s bigger and stronger than ever, and we’re completely convinced at this point that he has a future in the NHL.

And let us show you why.

The almost three-year-old hit the ice with his old man on Thursday and was ripping absolute clap-bombs. He even took a one-timer from The Great Eight and showed flashes of his father while doing so. He’s left-handed, but still looked pretty similar.


Okay, a bit of an exaggeration… but still pretty impressive for a three-year-old!

It’s scary to think that there’s another brother (Ilya) who will be on skates in the near future as well. Imagine if these two both grew up and became even half the player their dad is… the league is going to be in good hands in 18 years from now!


We’re sure these videos are only going to get better and better. Lookout!

(H/T Nastyahubskaya)