To win in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, you have to be willing to sacrifice your body, simply put.

The San Jose Sharks are finding out the hard way that no body part is really safe. First, in Game 1, it was Joe Pavelski who lost three chiclets after taking a puck from Brent Burns in the mouth that found it's way into the back of the net, while damaging three more.

In Game 2, Logan Couture experienced a considerable amount of man when he was hit in a very unfortunate area after Cody Eakin fired a shot on goal.

Couture went out to block the shot and was hit right in the area where the Southern California sunshine doesn't shine.

Speaking with reporters post-game in which the Sharks dropped 5-3 to the Golden Knights to even up the series at 1-1, Couture feared for the absolute worst: he thought he had lost a testicle. 

Ouch. Anything to win, right?

Before blocking the shot midway through the second period, the 30-year-old notched the opening goal for the Sharks that helped ignite a three-goal comeback to even the game at 3-3 before the first period had expired. 

But then bad luck struck, as he was called for goaltender interference, which Vegas capitalized on the power-play, restoring their lead and notching the game-winning goal. Shortly after, he was hit in the very sensitive area, and like the tough hockey player he is, he made his return back onto the ice for the start of the third period.