Since inking a six-year, $36 million contract with the Vancouver Canucks in 2016, Loui Eriksson hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. Through three seasons with the Canucks, he has totaled 32 goals and 76 points — for contrast, in his final season with the Bruins alone, he had 30 goals and 63 points.

Speaking to Swedish hockey website Hockeysverige, Eriksson says that his relationship with Canucks coach Travis Green has made things difficult. (The following translation via Google Translate.)

“I and the coach do not get together a hundred [percent] and it is difficult when I do not get the same trust that I received from all the other coaches I had during my career. Of course it is tough on that front.

... The alternative for me is to fight on. It feels like I'm still a good player in the league.”

Eriksson also says that, over the last few seasons, his time on ice has fallen off and that he’s been asked to play in more of a defensive role, both of which have also impacted his ability to produce points.

At 33 years old, Eriksson is certainly on the athletic decline, but naturally he still believes that he has something left in the tank. However, Jamie McLennan took an opposing stance on TSN's OverDrive, criticizing Eriksson’s focus in games.

It’s unclear if this affects the likelihood that Eriksson will be on the Canucks next season, but he was already demoted from the first line to third-liner duty last season. The days of Eriksson as a 30-goal scorer may be over, but he’ll hope to salvage some of his value on the ice, whether in Vancouver or elsewhere.

h/t Hockeysverige