Some of the greatest athletes of all-time have dominated their sport to the point of amassing a hand’s worth of championship rings. Bill Russell famously has 11 rings, Michael Jordan has six, you get the idea.

Magic Johnson did that, too. As a member of the showtime Los Angeles Lakers, he won five rings. But, he’s also gone above and beyond in his post-playing career, collecting championship rings in two other leagues as well.

As an owner of the Los Angeles Sparks, Magic won a WNBA championship with the team in 2016, and on Tuesday, he also won a World Series title as the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Oh, and he has five more Lakers rings as an owner, so he’s really racking up the rings here.

Three different professional leagues, 12 total rings. How many people can say that?

Obviously, Magic was enjoying the moment, and even his old Showtime teammate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was showing love.

h/t Twitter/MagicJohnson