Johnny Manziel has already made it very clear that he’s working on becoming a better person and he hopes to earn a new reputation for himself during his stint in the CFL with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Although he’s working on getting his football career back on track, Manziel is also doing some work on the side with Barstool Sports during the year, which includes the Comeback Szn podcast. A new episode of the show dropped on Tuesday afternoon and the Ticats quarterback revealed some incredible information about his first ever pre-draft visit back in 2014 that happened to be with the New England Patriots.

Manziel started off by talking about how his attempt had a nice evening in with a bottle of wine turned into something much more hectic as he claimed he tried to open the bottle without a bottle opener and the wine sprayed everywhere. After calling his agent to ask if he thinks the Patriots will find out about the mess he made, Manziel ended up getting a FaceTime from Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and the party took off from there.

“After that failed attempt to try and be on the good side of my visits, I get a FaceTime from Gronk. As I answer he’s like, ‘You’re here for your visit, I just saw on Twitter. I'm outside your hotel. I just got out of practice, you want to hang out?’ That escalated probably a little bit more than just having a bottle of wine in the hotel room. For as big as he is, that guy can actually play some ping-pong. I was surprised… and maybe drink a couple beers.”

The 25-year-old also talks about the issue he ran into at the Canadian border when he first made the move to Hamilton, his contract negotiations with the team, adapting to the CFL coverages and much more.

(H/T Comeback SZN)