Before landing in Toronto at this season’s trade deadline, Marc Gasol had been a Grizzlies lifer dating back to his rookie season in 2008, and it’s obvious that he left a profound impact on that franchise.

Even a teammate that he only knew for half a season made sure to show some love for Gasol! During Thursday’s media availability, Jaren Jackson Jr. snuck up behind Gasol and surprised him with a big ole hug.


It just goes to show what a beloved teammate that Gasol is. In their time together, he was something of a mentor to Jackson, who was drafted second overall by the Grizzlies in the 2018 NBA Draft.

It’s been no secret that Gasol’s Grizzlies ties are still running strong, with much of Memphis adopting Raptors fandom in the playoffs to see their former star win. (At this point, it seems like most of the U.S. in general is rooting against the Warriors.)

h/t Instagram/nba