We’re always here for a touching family moment

There has been some excellent displays of brotherly love in sports so far this year, but Marcus Stroman’s younger brother, Jayden, may have just beat everyone out with this adorable school assignment he recently completed.

In the artificial newspaper Young Stro recently filled out for school, he referred to his older brother as his hero, citing his hardwork and his great dancing skills for his choice.


Jayden also quoted the Jays’ pitchers “#HDMH”  tagline in his project, even though his height almost matches that of his older brother, as shown in this snap Marcus shared to Twitter back in 2016.



This isn’t the first time the Stroman brother duo has warmed our hearts, and Marcus has shared a few touching moments between he and his brother on Twitter that have made us smile before.

Leading up to last season, the elder Stroman brother shared a video of Jayden at batting practice with the Jays squad, where he exhibited his talents and impressed with his ability to swing both ways. He proved he’s no runner up to his older brother, and earlier this season, was selected to partake in the 12U USA National Team Trials.





Jayden’s athletic abilities don’t stop there, though, and Marcus also shared a photo of his brother donning football gear, indicating that he can throw a football as well as he can swing a bat.



While we definitely see why Jayden looks up to his older brother the way that he does, we haven’t seen Marcus’ dance moves, but our interest is definitely preaked.

(H/T Twitter/Marcus Stroman