One thing that makes the NBA special and separates it from the other three of the big four sports leagues is that it’s a superstar driven league.

Sure, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Football League are all loaded with their own superstars and some of the best players to ever play the game, but they don’t tend to have the same international appeal that the NBA’s best seem to have.

In a recent interview with Ben Standig of NBC Sports, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban discussed why he believes top prospects should play in the G League instead of going to college since a lot of them already have their own brands. However, that wasn’t the only thing that was discussed during the interview.

Cuban compared the NHL to the NFL in the sense that they’re both league driven leagues, unlike the NBA which is a talent driven league, but then went on to basically say that if there’s a player better than Sidney Crosby than he hasn’t heard of him because of the way the league and players are marketed. 

“I couldn’t name you who the best player in the NFL is if it’s not Sidney Crosby. I heard someone say Connor McDavid. I don’t know who that is or where he plays.

“With football, if the entire Redskins’ team just happened to be in the arena here and they said (they were) football players, and you could tell by their size, I don’t know if I could name anybody anymore,” Cuban said.

“What was the guy’s name, Griffith, that was the quarterback from Baylor?”

It might be a bit of an act put on by Cuban in order to help him prove his own point, because someone who invests in companies and ideas as much as he does is always in the know.

(H/T Ben Standig/NBC Sports)