The Vegas Golden Knights will go down as one of the craziest expansion teams to ever join a league.

Their wild success over their first few seasons in the league has wowed fans, and the way they play and are able to shut down other teams’ attacks is so specific that it’s hard to match. The Golden Knights play a heavy-hitting, steady defensive game that doesn’t allow their opponents to get in front of their net, and it’s been a solid tactic that’s worked for them so far.

Another thing that’s worked for them so far is not having a captain, and until today, they’ve been the only team in the NHL (aside from Seattle) that’s never had someone don the ‘C’.

Enter, Mark Stone.

While there were more than a couple solid options, Mark Stone was announced as the team’s captain today, and the reaction afterwards says it all about how the organization feels about this guy.







Stone had this to say about his new role:



Congrats to Mark, and we're over the moon to kick this season off!

(H/T Golden Knights)