There are few birthday gifts better than being able to skate with your dad and favourite players at an NHL practice.

Sunday, Brody Marleau celebrated his birthday by taking the ice and playing with the Leafs during their practice and he was the star of the day on and off the ice.

After practice, Brody took the time to answer some questions and among other things, he admitted he's trying to steal Mitch Marner's girlfriend.

Wondering why Brody was asked about trying to steal Marner's girlfriend? This tweet from Christina Marleau earlier this month should clear that up.

To see Mitch having some fun with it, too, makes it even better and it's really cool that he and Matthews hang out with Marleau's kids and do things play mini sticks.

Safe to say Brody had an unforgettable birthday thanks to his dad and the Leafs.


(H/T: Mark Masters)