Mason Raymond just put himself on a short list of hockey players to pull off one of the hardest moves to do in a game.

It all started with Mike Legg of the Michigan Wolverines who went behind the net, got the puck on his stick and tucked the puck in the top corner before the goalie even had time to react. Since then, only a handful of hockey players have been able to follow in his footsteps, and Mason Raymond just joined the list.

At the Sochi Hockey Open, which is giving hockey fans a look at what some Olympic rosters might look like, Raymond flip the puck onto his stick and wrapped around the net to put it above the goalie’s shoulder.

Raymond is one of the few players that played a big role in the NHL at some point in his career, and clearly, he’s showing he will be one of the more skilled players to attend the Olympics if NHL players don’t go.

If you want to see the originator of the move, here’s Mike Legg’s original.