Not wearing a helmet for warm ups is the ultimate power move, and if you’re gunna do it, you better have either the skill, the hair, or the years of experience to back it up.

While it’s not overly common for a 23-year-old to rock the bucket-less look for warmies, it would have been a huge waste for Mathieu Joseph to deny us this absolute work of art and hide it under a helmet.




Warm up hair check: on point ✔️ ••• 📸: Getty/Bruce Bennett

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We know that hair isn’t supposed to have anything to do with the results of a game, but if it does, the Dallas Stars might be in trouble tonight.

Between Mathieu Josheph and Victor Hedman, the Lightning have a very, very strong hair game



The flow and ‘fro are VERY strong in Tampa, and we love that these two rock the buckets off look in warm ups.


(H/T: Tampa Bay Lightning)