On Tuesday night, the Jets and the Canucks went head-to-head in Winnipeg. Even though it was the hosts who came out on top, 4-0, Jets forward Mathieu Perreault was fuming after the game.

Perreault was on the wrong end of a Jake Virtanen elbow that went unpunished by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety. As a result, the 32-year-old ripped into the league’s Department of Player Safety and said the next person who does that to him is going to get his stick and he better not get suspended for it.

Ahead of Friday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Perreault spoke to the media and apologized for letting his emotions get the best of him in his previous answer.


Mathieu #Perreault explains how his emotions got the best of him and apologizes for his comments.

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While Perreault apologized for his emotional words and said he isn’t actually going to smoke the next guy who does that to him with his stick, but he still maintains his frustration that no action was taken for the incident.​