Matt Duchene grew up in near Haliburton, Ontario, so he’s lived in cottage country for a significant portion of his life, so when summer comes around, you know where to find him.

Judging by his social media accounts, Duchene has spent most of his summer back in Haliburton at his place on the lake which offers a picturesque view every day. Although, for a hockey player, what might be the real sight is Duchene’s dryland training area. Earlier in the summer, Duchene posted some videos from the “new hill”, a grassy area that offers a great deal of space to stay in shape.

What really put it over the edge though was the area he posted about yesterday.

Duchene’s stick handling paradise is surrounded by forest, has a small alcove for the net so he doesn’t lose pucks and the whole area is smooth enough to stick handle with real pucks while he’s on his roller blades. It doesn’t get much better than this.


✋🏻🤚🏻🏒🥅 #blackfliesinaugust #mrmisunderstood Ps. How bout @paisleythebrittany with the cameo? 😂😂

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Of course, keeping things fresh is important too, so this isn’t the only training he’s been doing this offseason. He was also at the Power Edge Pro camp that Connor McDavid speaks so highly of, showing off his ridiculous agility in super slow-mo.

Still, we think we’ll take cottage country and we’re sure he would too.


Sunday family cruise 🚤😎

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