The Stanley Cup has been all over the place this summer.

Some players have chosen to spend their time with the trophy visiting hospitals and retirement homes, while other have opted to have an actual candle-lit dinner with it.

Certain skaters even decided to eat out of it, including Tampa Bay Lightning forward Chris Kunitz, who by the looks of it chowed down on some Lucky Charms from the top with his kids.

It was goaltender Matt Murray’s turn to spend some down time with the Cup, and he used it to take the term ‘Netflix and chill’ to a whole new level. Watch as he chomped on some popcorn with his girlfriend from the top while watching some television.

If that isn’t impressive, what is? Popcorn has likely never been munched on in such a glorious way before.

The goaltender has gotten used to spending time with the trophy, as he’s technically already captured it twice as a rookie. It wouldn’t be overly shocking if the 23-year-old was doing the same thing by this time next year; but will he change his food selection if he wins his third?

Time will tell.

(H/T WatchStadium)