Marc-Andre Fleury is one of the NHL’s premiere pranksters and on Sunday night, he was up to his old antics.

The Golden Knights hosted the Calgary Flames and things got ugly in Fleury’s crease around midway through the second period. Before anyone could blink, Matthew Tkachuk had his helmet off while tussling with Vegas players and although Fleury didn’t appear to throw any serious shots himself, he still found a way to get under the forward’s skin.

Who needs to throw punches when you can just rub someone’s hair instead?!


Classic Flower.

As for Tkachuk, this wasn’t his first goalie scrap of… the weekend. THE NIGHT BEFORE he dropped the gloves with Arizona Coyotes goaltender Darcy Kuemper.


Even Rittich got in on the action! What a gem.

Tkachuk was clearly blowing off some steam. He shared some very strong comments following the ugly 6-0 loss.


At 34, Fleury still knows how to get under his opponent’s skin.

(H/T Jesse Granger)